Valvrave the Liberator 12 — SUUUPERMARKET!!!!


This show… is glorious.

In a move that will surprise no one, Haruto’s marriage proposal is turned down. Saki has ambitions to create her own harem and doesn’t want Haruto to give up on that dream either.


Then, when all seems lost, and even ERU-ERRRUUUFUU’s plans have fallen apart, the day is saved by the power of friendship! But unlike the last episode of Devil Survivor 2, the power of friendship in Valvrave is AWESOME, just like everything else. The school is about to be destroyed by poison gas, all the robots have been captured, Shouko’s father just died, and all she’s worried about is her friend’s childhood bullying. Valvrave is like every anime ever but to FABULOUS MAX.


Then it turns out that the villain has psychic green trans-am powers and he’s holding Valvrave’s brother prisoner. Oh and he’s part of the organization of Magius that secretly rules the world.

CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON TWO, >666/100, would watch again.

Further Thoughts

More scenes of Saki hundreds of years in the future. Can’t wait to see how we get there.


Ahahaha “machine gun punch.” Genius.


LMAO. Most pathetic effective countermeasure in the history of warfare.

The reactions to the drill approaching the school are hilarious:



This show’s dialogue is brilliant.

8 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 12 — SUUUPERMARKET!!!!

  1. LOL! I was hoping you’d screenshot “Oh no… Not the school!”

    I was surprised (but perhaps shouldn’t be at this point) by how well the hikikomori hacker’s character arc has been handled. Seeing her break out of her little enclave and pilot a robot was another one of Valvrave’s epically ham-tastic yet endearing moments. Lots of fun; definitely looking forward to the second half of the series.

    1. Yeah one of the best lines this episode haha.

      I’m no longer surprised by how brilliant Valvrave is.

    1. I’ll wait until the whole show is over in the fall. But so far it’s on track for either a B+ or an A-.

  2. I do agree that VALVRAVE is officially the greatest thing EVER!!!!!!!

    But the one thing that bothers me is what genre it’s being called. PARODY?? Seriously! Calling Valvrave a parody simply because it’s nature is just on the same level as saying that Cowboy bebop was a spoof of space westerns just because of the way the story was told, when describing it, it just feels….kind of odd.

    Still with that being said, I’m just going to confess right now that I DID take the show seriously and still had a blast with all of it’s entertainment value and such.

    Now with the whole ‘taking cliches from other mecha series’ kind of thing people had described it had been doing, I personally didn’t mind it. BUT at least it puts it’s own spin on whatever the hell the show is doing and isn’t blatantly ripping off any famous scene from other mecha series.

    Still VALVRAVE
    You’re officially the number 1 one anime of the year.
    SCREW AOT, this is the true official masterpiece that we’ve been waiting for all this time. Hope it’s been fun reviewing this all throughout spring, Draggle.

    1. I call Valvrave a parody, but I take it completely seriously too. I don’t see taking it as a parody and taking it seriously as necessarily conflicting.

      I did enjoy blogging this immensely. Thanks! Definitely #1 anime of the year so far.

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