Hinamatsuri — First Impressions

A psychic girl comes to live with a yakuza.

Anime is saved.

I love this manga, and the anime did not disappoint. It’s very well done.

I will stay that it takes some time to get going. It’s already somewhat funny, but the later parts keep getting better and better. The setup was one of the weaker parts if I recall correctly.

The yakuza’s voice actor is perfect. Hina’s is ok. She is growing on me. Presumably it will change after the time jump though.

I am pumped for the rest.

6 thoughts on “Hinamatsuri — First Impressions

  1. I’m wondering when, if, the time jump will come. And I want to know why the redhead in the flash forward was weilding a weapon that was essentially Hina in crude doll form.

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