Hourou Musuko 02

You look like a little girl!

This episode of Hourou Musuko was even better than the last one. Now we actually delve into the main characters deeply enough that we really have a good idea of who’s who. And yes, they are just as interesting as they seemed on the surface from what we saw last week.

Chiba X Takatsuki? Who's with me?

One of the things I like best about Hourou Musuko is how all of the characters are so well developed – no one seems to suffer from “main character’s friend” syndrome, where the only reason they exist is to bring the main character news and chat with him in class. Sasa and Ariga are a great counterexample to this – both of them actually have a personality and will of their own. They aren’t just the main character’s lackeys – in fact, at least in Sasa’s case, it’s more like the main characters are her lackeys.

The animation continues to be beautiful, and the direction is top-notch as well. It just flows along so smoothly and the dialogue is interesting and has a certain rhythm to it. It’s hard to believe that this show is coming from AIC of all people.

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