Hourou Musuko 04

I just love how this series does its storytelling with showing and not telling. In most other series, after Momo tells Takatsuki that she looks very womanly, Takatsuki would have somehow ended up telling Nittori that she wished she wasn’t as feminine or getting into a fight with Momo. But instead, Takatsuki just sinks to the bottom of the pool and curls up into a ball as Nittorin watches from the distance. It’s little touches like this that really bring out the potential of anime as a visual medium, which are so often neglected by shows which seem to think their viewers are idiots who needed to be pounded in the head with a fifty pound hammer to get a point across. (in defense of the creators of these shows, their assumptions may not be entirely wrong)

And I must sound like a broken record here, but the way the show continues to portray the relationships between the characters continues to be fantastic. I loved it when Ana was worried that she made Shuu cry, and Maho just told her not to worry because he does that all the time. Now this is what an actual sibling relationship is like! The way Maho rudely interrupts Shuu’s daydreaming in the bath was great as well. Same with everyone’s complete misinterpretation of Ana’s gift strap.

Chiba = Win

So I am shipping for the Chiba x Mako-chan ending. And Shuusuke would do well to remember:

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