Onii-chan no Koto… 05

This episode was an enormous improvement over the past two. We have a new character Kondou who is into BL magazines, runs into Shuusuke in the middle of the night, exchanges magazines and blackmails him into becoming her pet. By far the best part about this episode were the reactions of Shuusuke and Nao though – Shuusuke begging Kondou not to tell his sister because she would disown him. As Nao is watching and drooling about her brother becoming Kondou’s pet. And later when she pieces together the BL magazine and then worries that he would get into that was the perfect setup, I thought she was serious, until she broke down rolling around laughing on the floor and then began drooling over what Shuusuke would look like buying a magazine.

Nao certainly drives the humor in this show, but Shuusuke is starting to get his time in the sun too.¬†The scene with the AGE’s meeting to plan a counterattack against Mr. X was funny as well, as was Kondou’s letter she stuck on his back and Shuusuke’s unknowing counterplot. Shuusuke’s delusions were entertaining as well.

I love the facial expressions in this show.

My main complaint though is still Iroha – she doesn’t really contribute much and is more of a one joke pony. I mean, we get that she’s a stalker already, can’t she do something else? And why does she suddenly seem somewhat friendly with Nao? Didn’t they hate each other before and were just acting friendly?

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