Humanity has Declined 03 — Rotten Fujoshi

An episode on fujoshi.

For me, this was the least impressive episode of the show yet, mainly because their target this time was way too easy. Every other anime makes fun of fujoshi enough already— what does Humanity has Declined add to the mix?

Not much. The complaints are the same as usual. They’re too obsessive. They run in crazed swarms, they’re hyper competitive. They’re living in their own little world (which I assume is why the fairies, possessing the best technology, made a manga which literally does put you in your own little world).

The unstated criticism is that the fujoshi are dedicating themselves with unmatched energy to living out their fantasies while neglecting their actual job, which, for Y, is to construct the Human Memorial.

But actually, I think Y’s priorities are the correct ones. Instead of building a monument to a dead culture, Y is creating a living one. If more people had the passion and energy of Y and the other fujoshi, then perhaps humanity wouldn’t be stuck in a spiral of decline.

6 thoughts on “Humanity has Declined 03 — Rotten Fujoshi

  1. I actually thought this was the best episode of Humanity so far because it was much more focused than the first two. It’s not just lampooning fujoshi, but the whole Comiket-centric doujinshi-driven community. The database culture, the one-upsmanship, the spectacular waste of energy and resources; I contend that anime very rarely captures the meta-community in such fine detail.

    If Humanity is about skewering the excesses of modern society as an agent of its downfall, it’s only appropriate that it takes a shot at otaku.

    1. I guess it is more focused, which the other two episodes lacked. And taking a shot at otaku is fine, but I feel like they’re taking a shot at the one subgroup of otaku which everyone already takes shots at. Why not take shots at the type of otaku who would be most likely to watch their show?

  2. I agree, it wasn’t very new or inventive to join the fujoshi-bashing crowd. I’m looking forward to see more of the fairies’ reaction, though.

    Artwise I quite liked the last scene with only the characters moving against a blank background. It nicely highlighted the quality of the characters as being animated drawings. I’d really like to see a whole show in this style!

    1. Yeah, I liked the visual direction inside the manga as well. I’m not sure if I’d want to see a whole show though. 🙂

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