Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02 — Little Brother

I think I’ll pick this one up. Mainly because a) I doubt anyone else will, and b) it’s a good excuse for me to learn more about Japanese history, which I know next to nothing about.

So Oda Nobunaga’s brother, Oda Nobuyuki, was indeed a historical person who rebelled against Nobunaga. Katsuie joined the rebellion as well. I don’t think the historical Katsuie actually wanted to side with Nobunaga like his animated counterpart though.

Of course, the scene at the castle is not what actually happened. Nobuyuki lost the battle, and Nobunaga killed him. Katsuie was spared and later became Nobunaga’s faithful general.

The scene with Nobunaga showing up at her father’s funeral and throwing incense at the altar is historical. Nobunaga did indeed show up at his father’s funeral, dressed inappropriately, and threw incense at the altar. No one really knows why he did this. I think the lesson is supposed to be that he was a free thinker who wasn’t constrained by authority. Some monk is supposed to have remarked that one day he would lord it over entire provinces and no one could oppose him (although this is likely apocryphal).

2 thoughts on “Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02 — Little Brother

  1. I think I’ll follow this, at least for a while, so I’m happy you’re blogging it, Draggle! I’m a bit torn about this show, though.

    The positives: The art looks nice. I like the chibis, in particular the silver-haired one who has problems w/ long sentences.

    The negatives: Did I miss the intro? I feel like thrown into this series out of nowhere. How did the male protagonist (I forgot his name) happen to be transferred into this world? It’s much better explained in Sengoku Otome. Even better is Koihime Musou imo which just leaves out the male MC completely. Furthermore, our hero is way too courageous and self-confident for my taste. I agree w/ you, it’s nice that he’s not a wimp but this is just not realistic for an average student who gets thrown into an alternative world.

    Btw, he claims he’s from the future. This seems not true to me, as the world of our show is not the past, but an alternative past.

    1. Yeah, they skipped the part where he came from the other world, and just started with him here. Personally, I don’t mind. I don’t think his previous life matters much, aside from the fact that he plays video games. I like how they didn’t spend time on the usual boring life in the other world, blah blah blah, magically falls through a portal into a battlefield. Just start on the battlefield and save some time.

      I guess his heroism isn’t that realistic. But at least it’s something different. I don’t mind.

      That’s true that he’s not exactly from the future. I guess he’s from the future in a parallel world. Or there was a massive coverup to hide the fact that all the Sengoku warlords were female.

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