Humanity has Declined 11 — The Education System has Declined

I really don’t see the point of going out of order with this show. But hey, it’s not like anyone’s ever done that before!

Less Awful than Usual

I’ve been complaining a lot about this show. I keep coming up with reasons only to have people convince me that all my reasons are wrong.

At one point I complained that the show was pointless. It throws in random thing after random thing with no central point. Then someone pointed out that the repeated decline of humanity is the central point. Which is true, I suppose. It just isn’t a particularly interesting point. And I would still maintain that a good portion of the show is only tangentially related to this point, if at all.

At another time, I complained that the show was purely cynical. Which is true for the most part. I’m no longer convinced that will necessarily make for a bad show though.

I’ve also complained that the show doesn’t have any characters that I care about. I think this episode proved that that may have been part of the answer. I liked this episode entirely due to the fact that it made me care about Watashi. Specifically, it made me hate her for being such a self-centered jerk, but liking or disliking isn’t really the point. It’s just the fact that I care. Up to this point, Humanity has Declined has lacked any human interest factor whatsoever. I can’t say that about this particularly episode.

But ultimately, I don’t need any excuses for why I don’t like the show. I just don’t.

This episode was different from the rest for another reason as well: it seems to counteract the rest of the show’s overwhelming cynicism. Watashi’s negativity turns to have just been plain wrong. The little girl wasn’t the mastermind, she genuinely did want to be friends. Now, she may be a bit crazy, but that’s a different matter. Watashi was never alone. She had no one but herself to blame.

2 thoughts on “Humanity has Declined 11 — The Education System has Declined

  1. Yay, a final arc devoted to Watashi’s time at school! Just like you, draggle, I started to care about Watashi in this ep. Over the course of the series so far she was so overly composed. Looking back it feels like she was hiding her true self behind her snarky comments (which themselves were hidden behind her cute appearance!). Now it seems we learn a bit about Watashi’s true character.

    And unlike you I quite like young Watashi. Sure, she’s behaving like a total jerk but this must be for a reason. She’s almost delusional about being bullied while usually she has super sharp observation on social relations.

    I’m pretty much looking forward to the next episode. I almost felt cheated for the tea party girls in the preview – !

    1. Yeah, in this episode we actually have some emotions, and that makes the show much more interesting to me. I can definitely sympathize with her, but she was still being a jerk to that girl. I’m looking forward to the next episode too… it looks like this girl is going to turn into a crazy stalker.

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