Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle — First Impressions

Bishounen fight in rap battles.

The premise is awesome obviously and this is one of the best bishounen show first episodes I have seen in years. Not really my genre unfortunately. And the rap components weren’t good enough to make me want to watch it.

I think the recent rap musicals I’ve enjoyed most made the rap feel more spontaneous and unrehearsed. I’m thinking in particular of Tokyo Tribes and the one episode of Japan Sinks. In both of those shows there was very little ornamentation, just a character focusing on rapping. There was also more of a back and forth between the different characters.

Here it all felt very choreographed and artificial, particularly with all the music backing up the rap. It was all a distraction. And the visuals were the wrost part— I could barely pay attention to the rap there was so much going on on screen. All of this combined to eliminate the spontaneous casual feeling from these other shows and made it all feel very choreographed.


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