Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara — First Impressions

A lonely, depressed girl goes back in time.

This was a great first episode. Although I feel like I say that about every PA Works show and am inevitably mildly disappointed. But what makes me so optimistic in this one is the nature of the struggles the girl faces: she’s lonely and unable to appreciate others’ love for her. Actually wait, now that I wrote that down, that kind of sounds like every PA Works show ever. But I don’t know, it feels different this time. Maybe it’s the fact that she recognizes she’s lonely instead of being all tsundere about it. I guess usually the main character in these shows is a cheerful genki girl too. Hmm…

Regardless, great first episode. Some really imaginative and gorgeous dream-like sequences. The grandma looks to be a really interesting character. It’s a shame that we probably won’t see her again for a while. It also has an extraordinary attention to detail. I love how when she gets transferred 60 years back in time into a strangers bedroom the first thing she’s worried about is taking off her shoes. It’s those kinds of things which have always made PA Works shows stand out.

I just wish that they would stop making everything into a show about a school club…

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