Ixion Saga DT — First Impression

I’m back! Time to catch up on the new season. I’m way behind, so this may take a while.

Ixion Saga DT is a parody of a fantasy series. It has its good moments (such as the defeat of the final boss) but I’m not sure that the buildup is worth it. The more generic fantasy components (the middle part of the episode) were not that entertaining.

I appreciated this show more, however, since I’m watching Sword Art Online at the moment. Ixion Saga DT’s main character is essentially Kirito, except everyone besides the viewer also realizes what a loser this guy is.

3 thoughts on “Ixion Saga DT — First Impression

  1. This is actually better than SAO. Because they don’t try to hide their silliness. I was expecting to see how MC-kun would gain new power to defeat the clown villain. But he managed to kick him in the crotch for posing too long, lol. Making connection to the early several minutes. Smart move there~

    1. Yep, definitely better than SAO. But if that were our standard for juding anime… The kick scene was great though.

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