Joshiraku — First Impression

Cute girls hang around and chat about Japanese puns and other things I don’t care about.

This one does not translate very well to English. When half your show is about Japanese puns and how to write kanji, it’s hard to follow if you don’t speak Japanese.

Still, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it much regardless. It’s by the same author as Zetsubou-sensei, and follows the same school of comedy. “She just talked so fast I barely understood what she said! This is hilarious! Ahahaha!!!!”

This show doesn’t have a hundredth of the brilliance or intelligence of Milky Holmes.

8 thoughts on “Joshiraku — First Impression

  1. This is basically twitter the anime! Lots of random fun and of course cute girls doing cute things with WORDS! OH GOD WORDS ALL OVER! This is one series I have to watch when I am awake…I was falling asleep after the first half because I kept missing the jokes T____T

    I like it but I will give it two more episodes before dropping it! I noticed summer is filled with lots of comedy anime with this Yuru yuri and Binbogami? Yep! Summer is the land of comedy.

    1. I guess twitter can be pretty hectic at times. At least there it’s easy to ignore the things you aren’t interested in though.

      Summer does seem to be a good time for comedy. But it’s always a good time for comedy!

  2. Oh no my friend, this is comedy gold right here. Granted the very “japaneseness” of the show, if you get the jokes, they are sharp and very ticklish. A keeper for me!

  3. I think I laughed only once about the joke re watching this for free. But I’d like to learn more about Rakugo. Hopefully I’ll understand the puns better over the course of the series.

    I don’t find the girls (are they even girls still?) themselves particularly cute. But I think it’s somewhat cute (kawaii, so to speak) how they perform this old-fashioned (and seemingly dying) form of entertainment in a mostly empty theatre w/ sparse applause.

    1. I’m curious about Rakugo as well. I’d never even heard of it before.

      I like how they do the dying form of entertainment as well in a mostly empty theater with hardly any applause.

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