Kamisama Hajimemashita — First Impression

This one gets the distinction of being the first show this season that was so bad I couldn’t finish the first episode.

I mentioned recently that I hated shoujo romance, although Tonari no Taibutsu-kun was off to a decent start. Well, this show is everything I hate about shoujo romance. There’s nothing novel or creative about it like with Taibutsu-kun. The characters are bland, there’s no reason whatsoever they should like each other, and the way they tell the story is atrocious. *Everything* has to be spoken by somebody.

Those two floating masked things were especially annoying.  I wish this turned into a baseball anime and she had started whacking them, since that’s pretty much the only way they could get me to watch this.

8 thoughts on “Kamisama Hajimemashita — First Impression

  1. I hate most shoujo anime too. The only I really liked was Vampire Knight, cause it had plot and an interesting one at that. That being said, I did here this is one of the top shoujo series out there right now.

    1. Really, vampire knight? I did manage to finish the first season, which is quite unusual for me and a shoujo… but still, I wasn’t impressed.

  2. Oh Draggle, if you ask me the shoujo series are THE redeeming feature of this season! I love all three of them! Nanami has such a kind personality and acts so natural. I also like the muted colours and the understated art style. This series is a hidden gem!

    But on one thing I agree w/ you: I hate all kinds of familiars and the ones in this show are a partcularly annoying pest!

    1. I do like Tonari. This though, I can’t stand. She reminds me of that girl from Fruits Basket. So nice it’s obnoxious. For me, for characters to be interesting they need to have some flaw. And no, not having a boyfriend is not a flaw.

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