Kill la Kill 04 — Don’t Be Late


It seemed last week like they were setting us up to go into baddie of the week mode. While I suppose there technically was a “baddie” this week, the show went into full-fledged comedy mode. The results were quite entertaining.


Mako is an interesting character. Most of the time she seems completely helpless, but then she’ll stand up to one of the leaders of the school and make them back down. I wonder if she’ll be the final boss. She reminds me a bit of Shiranui from Medaka Box.


The girl in the cast was pretty entertaining. I hope she comes back. Most of the time she was obviously trying to sabotage Ryuuko, but when she got in that bus she seemed to just go wild and forget all about that in favor of going on a murderous rampage.


And I continue to enjoy this show’s very creative fanservice. Another point in favor of cast girl.

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