Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Review — C+


Biribiri saves the world with the power of friendship.

From what I recall of the first season (admittedly, very little) this was a big improvement. Less lesbian tea parties, more lesbians blowing shit up. Smart choice.

All the talk about friendship and the urban mysteries / pulling up skirts can still be a bit annoying. But the fighting is pretty cool. Interesting enemies this time around too.

So not the greatest show by any stretch of the imagination, but solid entertainment, especially if you’re craving some action.

  • Storytelling – C – Themes aren’t all that interesting, but good fights.
  • Voice – B – Academy City is still a really neat setting.
  • Characters – C – Saten, Kokoro and Kondou get on my nerves. Still like Biribiri, Uiharu and most of the new characters though.
  • Attention Grab – C – When there’s action, excellent, when theyr’e chatting, not so much.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Index, Yuruyuri

12 thoughts on “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Review — C+

  1. It’s really annoying how JC Staff decided to keep Saten, Banri-cwhan and pal around; for as long as I remember, they don’t get much appearance / role in the manga. I really hate their behavior and personality. The laser onee-chan’s group is much much more interesting. Please fry that Saten, nee-chan!

    1. Really? I thought Saten had one of the most well-developed personalities in the anime, especially in the Level Upper arc in the first season. The fact that she’s the only person with genuinely no powers (Touma does NOT count) makes her insecurity easy to relate to. But that’s subtle, because unlike most people in her situation, she’s honestly a cheerful person. One of the most realistic teenage girls in anime.

      I might be defending her so strongly because I bought a figurine of her in a skimpy outfit though

      1. That’s the only arc where she is a good character. Later, her role is nothing but to flip Uiharu’s skirt. Also, JC Staff is trying too hard to make her appear useful even though she is useless.Really? Facing armored suits with a baseball bat? Why didn’t she go watch Uiharu’s back as she toyed with computer instead?

      1. that’s surprising that you dont like Saten this season in comparison to the last considering she was pretty down to earth this season and acted sort of like an onee-sama to many of the characters.

        1. “sort of like an onee-sama to many of the characters”
          Weird, that’s exactly the reason why I hate her this season. I don’t why, but it feels so unrealistic.

        2. That’s mainly why I didn’t like her. Why is the girl who flips skirts all the time suddenly acting responsible?

    1. Flipping up skirts is boring. Especially when it happens over and over again. Kill la Kill’s fanservice is way more interesting.

  2. I think season 2 was somewhat inferior to the first season, but I still enjoyed it. I loved S1 for the slice of live approach as most of the time nothing really happened except for tea parties. I like the darker mood in the first half of S2, as well, though and the fights against Accelerator were awesome.

    Unfortunately they introduced another loli (Febri) in the second half and it became somewhat boring for me. Saten-san annoyed me, as well, and even more so Banri-chan. How did she even get into the series in the first place? On the other hand I loved some of the new characters. In particular Frenda! Too bad she didn’t play a role in the second half, as I’ve hear that she meets a tragic end in the manga. Also, I would have liked to see more of Last Order x Accelerator and of Shinobu.

    For some reason I quite like to moral ambiguity of the Railgun world. People with not skills seem indeed to be discriminated against (e.g. the evil scientist who is a genius but no one cares) so I have some sympathy for them demanding equal rights and trying to gain skills themselves (as with level upper) or to destroy the skill users’ superiority by means of technology. Misaka, on the other hand, sometimes appears rather self-righteous and arrogant, but in the end she always wins. So what does the story tell us? (Similar thing with Gatchaman Crows, where democratic crowd technology fails and arrogant superheroes save the day!)

    1. Yeah, Febri was annoying. We could always use less lolis. Saten and Banri were both completely useless. Frenda was great. I personally liked the mad scientist girl. 🙂 Smart girls with glasses and lab coats are always good.

      You raise a good point about the moral ambiguity in the world of Index / Railgun. You really can see both sides of it. These scientists have a point, although what they’re doing is clearly evil. But what Uiharu and Kuroku do as part of Judgement also leads to evil, but simply a more benign variety.

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