Kill la Kill 06 — Defeat


Ryuuko was getting too powerful and overconfident so she had to be taken back down to earth. Literally.

Although I found this to be one of the least entertaining episodes so far (mainly due to lack of Mako), it was probably necessary. There was no apparent risk in any of the battles. I mean, Ryuuko faced off against the final boss in the first episode, and now she’s back to fighting underlings. There’s no way she could lose.

But now she’s the underling again so we can go back to rooting for her and entertaining the possibility she might lose.

The new villain in the Elite Four (haha, can’t believe they went with that name) undergoes a rapid transformation after losing to Ryuuko. Because sewing your eyes shut instantly gives you super-sensing powers. Putting that absurdity aside, the rapid transformation didn’t sell well. If they’d held the first battle a few weeks ago and had the second battle today I could have bought it. But such an instant transformation overnight is just silly. Well the whole show is silly but you know what I mean.


The science teacher continues to be fabulous. I like how Ryuuko kept begging him to tell the truth and then when he did he didn’t believe him because their organization is called Nudist Beach. Can’t blame her, she made the right decision.


Also now Senketsu enjoys getting ironed. Ahahaha.

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