Kill la Kill 12 — Four Way Showdown


This episode was awesome. Yes, it was mostly one lengthy fight sequence. In your typical shounen fighting show I would be complaining about how boring it was. But Kill la Kill is not your typical shounen fighting show. These battles are amazing. A loli vs. a nudist vs. a monster vs. a half-naked student council president. And the winner is… MAKO.


Yeah, Mako is confirmed for the most powerful character in this show. We’ve already seen how much Gamagoori respects her. Even Satsuki appears to respect Mako. Why is this? Mako appears to be Satsuki’s polar opposite. Where Satsuki is wealthy, Mako is dirt poor. Where Satsuki is powerful, Mako appears to be utterly powerless. Where Satsuki is reserved and rigid, Mako is direct and flexible. Where Satsuki is intelligent, Mako is an idiot.

They do have one thing in common though— when they set their mind to do something, they do it with all their might.


Mako… So epic…


Yet also so so stupid.


The backstory was also pretty great. Ryuuko’s father is a BEAST. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the mad scientist character kick so much ass. I suppose that fact that he took out her eye means he was more powerful than Ryuuko currently is. The lesson is, don’t mess with clothing designers.


The best moment of the episode, however, was Green joining the rest of the Elite Four in the bleachers. Even Gamagoori is embarrassed for him.

2 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 12 — Four Way Showdown

  1. Now just imagine what you would have thought if the Winter line-up had introduced Kill la Kill as an anime about “the struggle for power between clothing designers”. Would have sounded the silliest thing after that cursed scissors/uncuttable hair anime.

    1. And I would have been super-psyched! Struggle for power between clothing designers sounds great. Crime Edge was also amazing.

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