Split Ends — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #10

Crime Edge was one of the most messed up series of the year. Murderous lolis, weird fetishes, it has it all. Anyway… my favorite moment was between the mid-boss and her lover. Well I saw “lover” but it’s more like SM slave.

Anyway, her magical murder tool is a whip that forces people to obey her. Kiri is under her influence, and she is about to force him to cut her hair. What an evil bitch, I know, I know.


Iwai watches, heartbroken. Those tears…


Fortunately Kiri snaps out of it.


It’s not due to Iwai’s tears though. It’s because the mid-boss’ hair is full of split ends.


Kiri fights back and defeats the mid-boss’ lover / slave. In his apparent death throes, he delivers his final words:



Crime Edge led me to understand true love.

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