Kill la Kill 17 — Rebellion


This week Satsuki does exactly what everyone was expecting and betrays her mother. I’m not sure this necessarily means she is teaming up with Ryuuko though.

It was an epic betrayal, but I feel like the nature of it goes against Satsuki’s character a bit. She’s supposed to be this super-honorable person. We’ve seen this before, with how she always keeps her word with Ryuuko, even if Ryuuko is her enemy. Yet now she goes and literally stabs her mother in the back. So even if the betrayal itself is not surprising, the manner of betrayal is.


What is Satsuki’s goal? I’m not sure. Her mother’s goal is apparently the extinction of humanity. She claims this is the will of the life fibers. Is it? I highly, highly doubt it. The life fibers would gain nothing from this plan. If humanity becomes extinct, they will have nothing to eat. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship with humanity. From what we’ve heard so far of the life fibers, Ryuuko and Senketsu’s relationship is not unusual in this regard.

The extinction of humanity is not beneficial for Satsuki, or the rest of humanity, obviously. So it’s no surprise that Satsuki opposes this plan. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Satsuki still intends to make use of the life fibers to support and extend her own power.

Further Thoughts


This is fashionable…? She looks like a bighorn sheep.


I like how Ryuuko is the only one embarrassed by all this. Even though Mako thinks she’s an exhibitionist.



Damn, Mako’s family is as great as Mako. But Gamagoori should know how to properly respect his future in-laws. Also I can’t believe the little brother sold his suit and just painted one on ahahaha.

15 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 17 — Rebellion

  1. Well, Satsuki’s probably honourable to Ryuuko because she respects her willpower/sense of purpose. But she probably absolutely despise her mother, and thus doesn’t feel obliged to pay her any respect. Also, we know from the preview that Ragyo will (obviously) be still alive next time, and Satsuki tells her that she built Honnouji to “defeat her” when she’s already impaled and crucified, so she probably expects this whole backstabbing thing to have little more effect than a cheek pinch on her. For whatever reason. Ragyo can probably regenerate from her hair only or something.

    1. Yep, obviously, she’s still alive. And getting stabbed through the back was little more than a pinch on the cheek to her. I guess when you’re fighting someone invincible like that it’s not really a question of honor. Perhaps this is why Satsuki merely stabbed her through the heart instead of lopping off her head, which she knew would be fatal.

  2. Wow, that backstab was pretty brutal. Full on backstab followed by sword body-toss followed by full on crucifixion. Though from the looks of the preview Ragyu will of course get better through the usual anime nonsense. I still don’t have much of a handle on her motivation… I guess she just really hates her own species or something, I don’t know. She spouts all the usual BS that people on the internet tend to when they decide hating on the human race is cool, though instead of bad poetry or poorly conceived philosophy she just wants to feed everyone to clothing. Props for originality.

    1. Well, maybe she controls Life Fibers, which would mean that a world of Life Fibers is a world she dominates. So that would make her objective mere world conquest. SEKAI SEIFUKU!

      (as to her getting better, she’s probably half life fiber already or something. And anyway, RAINBOW HAIR. You can’t kill that easily a person with rainbow hair in anime, that’s for sure)

    2. Yep, backstab, sword body-toss and crucifixion are nothing to ALIENS. Apparently she isn’t actually human anymore…

        1. Yeah, two halves of a sword blade, clearly someone has to use the other half. 🙂 Looking forward to that moment already.

  3. I think you fundamentally misunderstand Satsuki. She is super honorable, but she also fights to win. She has been at war against life fibers for years, and never shared that fact with her mother. In fact, we have no way of knowing how much of Ragyo is still left and how much of her is life fivers (think Darth Vader).

    Satsuki was able to recruit Gamagoori despite being completely autocratic. She must have told him the full story explained that she was fighting for the freedom of all humanity. Similarly, she recruited Inumuta and Sanageyama. I have to think she told them everything and that is why they are so loyal to her. She is quite literally the leader of the rebellion.

    Nonon is a different case, as she herself admits. She’s been friends with Satsuki for far longer and knew her before she hatched her plans for rebellion. Now, this leads us to ask where Ryuuko fits. Clearly she is a potential ally, but it’s not like Satsuki could have trusted her with her plans. Satsuki’s inner circle included the elite 4, Lori, and his uncle (her butler) Soroi. That’s it.

    Ryuuko is clearly going to side with Satsuki against Ragyo, as will the remaining members of nudist beach. A side note: Kinue Kinagase appears to be Ryuuko’s mother, which makes Tsumugu a pretty odd uncle.

    Ragyo is going to be an insanely tough opponent. She is far more attuned to life fibers than even Ryuuko and Senketsu. To defeat her it appears Satsuki and Ryuuko will need to defeat those rainbow spools, and I don’t know if they have the tools to do so. Also, remember, Ragyo was almost proud of Satsuki and her aggressive willingness to try and take the throne. My guess is she’ll think Satsuki is a fool to start a fight she’ll be unable to win, but we’ll learn more in episode 18.

    1. True. She’s been keeping this secret from her mother since she was five. Which is pretty impressive. I kind of doubt she told the elite four her full plans initially, but you could be right. I’d guess it’s more she came to tell them as she began to trust them more with other issues.

      Apparently Kinue Kinagase is not Ryuuko’s mother, although that was a good guess. 🙂

  4. What I took from this:

    Ragyou: Wants Life Fibers to control humans.
    Satsuki: Wants humans to control Life Fibers.
    Nudist Beach: Wants humans to destroy Life Fibers.
    Ryuko: Wants humans and Life Fibers to live in harmony.

    So basically four ideologies are now clashing together. Hope the battle is epic.

    1. Sounds right to me. Although I think Ragyou may lean more towards letting life fibers destroy humans, this is a bit ambiguous. I’m also unsure if Satsuki wants to control the life fibers or destroy them. She’s certainly using them as a tool at the moment, but I believe she’s said her ultimate goal is to destroy them. Or at least to destroy the original life fiber, perhaps she’s fine with the others.

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