Kill la Kill 20 — Some Monster Freak


Ryuuko throws an emo fit about how she’s a monster.


Come on Ryuuko, even your teacher says you aren’t a monster! And he of all people should know. I mean, just look at him.


Mako makes a valiant effort to stop Ryuuko’s idiocy, but even she isn’t powerful enough.


Still, I’m actually quite happy with the way things are going. Ryuuko makes an excellent villain. I like her better as a crazed villain with fangs than I did as the hero.  Now if only she would kill her mother while in crazed villain state and displace her as the final boss. She just seems so much happier now that she’s embraced evil with all her heart. Hanging out with her friends never made her this happy.


Unfortunately I imagine that Satsuki will help Ryuuko regain her senses next week. Perhaps by wearing Senketsu Satsuki will learn to chill a bit and reconsider her plans of clothing genocide. Doubt it though.


Her breaking out of prison naked with a toenail blade was pretty badass. Ryuuko fought without clothes on under her cloak this week as well. I seem to recall people saying this show was some sort of metaphor for female empowerment when the show started airing.

Anyway, now Ryuuko and Satsuki’s roles are reversed. Ryuuko is powerful and in control of an army, Satsuki has just broken out of prison. They’ve switched sides. They’ve switched clothes. Now, Satsuki is fighting in the open for what she truly wants, and Ryuuko forces against her in deference to Ragyo’s will.

Further Thoughts


Senketsu, so jelly~~~


Nui has the perfect voice actor. Was not too surprised to look her up and discover it’s the same person who did Rika in Higurashi.







She may be a crazy alien intending to destroy humanity, but when she’s right, she’s right.

6 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 20 — Some Monster Freak

  1. “Don’t add yourself to my growing list of siblings” for line of the week. It sent me ROFLing in a moment which was not exactly meant to do that.

    Also, Evil!Ryuko is definitely her most awesome look yet. And no mention of the creepy dream sequence? Because it was so, y’know, FUCKING CREEPY. Did I say it was creepy?

    1. I think it probably was meant to do that. 🙂 It was great placement too, in the middle of a super serious scene.

      Eh, I don’t know, I wasn’t too creeped out by the dream sequence. Maybe my tolerance for creepy is high or something.

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