Sekai Seifuku 08 — Pastry Chef vs. Bulldozer



Cracked up so hard at this point…


And then it got even better.

This show is stupid but when it brings up the stupidity to the max it can get pretty awesome. What a badass chef. Sadly, for some reason he required a tragic backstory involving his departure from a yakuza gang, which was not too interesting. The villain’s boss is somehow involved in this story too, so it looks like we’re in for more of it. Sill… A CHEF PUSHING A STEAMROLLER WITH A ROLLING PIN. SWEET.

This week we have a new villain….


Yeah. I don’t even know.


She easily defeated all of Zvezeda by getting Kate to invite her to their secret base by dressing up as a cartoon character. And just strolls in the front door and hypnotizes everyone. Except for the useless guy who doesn’t care and just tries to hit on her. How pathetic can you get. How can anyone possibly consider these people a threat? The only way she gets caught in the end is by making a hypnotized Kate cry by telling her that her favorite cartoon character will be angry.


No Kate, pretty sure you’ve got this wrong. You’re acting like a spoiled brat. Because you are a spoiled brat.

This show is only 13 episodes, so it looks set to go absolutely nowhere in the length of its run. Really wish they’d continued with the satire from the earlier episodes. Or just made it dumb stupid fun. As it is, it seems like such a waste, as if they’re half taking this story seriously.

2 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 08 — Pastry Chef vs. Bulldozer

  1. Not enough pics of people happily taking buckets to the face because it’s ROBOBUTLER.

    This episode was a fine bit of absolutely nonsensical humour. I like that about Zvezda, but apparently the writers don’t really have a plan whatsoever.

    1. Haha I should have gotten some of those, they would make for some good caps. 🙂

      My feelings are the same. It has funny episodes, but any sort of plan…? I highly doubt it.

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