Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 09 — Wah Wah Wah


Last episode was pretty good and featured a lot of people dying, so of course this week has to suck and feature a lot of crying and crap about feelings to make up for it. More people survived last week’s slaughter than I had thought… so disappointed.


Ka-el confesses his love for Claire, Claire says that she loves him too, and that therefore she can never see him again. Great logic there guys. Why is everyone in this universe a moron… I’ve been ripping on the admiral a bunch for being an idiot, but now that I think about it, he seems to have above average intelligence. Maybe the religion of St. Aldista requires everyone to feed their babies lead or something.


Claire and Ka-el also share a moment of passion in which their bodies become one. I mean that literally, their skin melds together and their faces merge. Great animation.


At least the kiss looks better than this door. I mean, what the hell? Pretty sure I could draw a better door than that. What do you have to do? Draw some straight lines, line them up. And oh man did they fail miserably at that.


Later, ERU-ERUFU kidnaps Ka-el from his moping around in bed so they can go skinny-dipping  in the lake together. Nobody gives a crap. Ari even blesses their elopement.


Annnddd apparently everyone on the island speaks Spanish? Well, ok… You’d think they might have mentioned this earlier. Or had the people do something Spanish-like instead of speaking in Japanese and acting like Japanese people. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re speaking German next week though, given this series abilities at world-building.

2 thoughts on “Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 09 — Wah Wah Wah

  1. To be honest, Claire Cruz is not just naïve but is also a coward as well. Anyone who want to suppress their past and to hell with their reality are the ones really running away. I am definitely seeing a tragedy ending with her death. It…is…inevitable.

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