BUDDYCUM 09 — “That was a Nice Coupling.”


Truer last words were never spoken. It was so intense the good doctor died just from watching it on the television. Aoba and Dio surpassed the world record for longest simultaneous orgasm Coupling, going from the old record of 300 seconds to a whopping 400 seconds. This proves that what they say really is true, angry sex Coupling is the best.

Why are Aoba and Dio angry in the first place?


Because in their last Coupling, Aoba was faking it. And Dio knows. Aoba’s acting isn’t fooling anybody.


It even leads to blows. Coupling is serious business, yo. And deep down, Dio thinks it may actually be his own fault. If his performance were up to par, Aoba wouldn’t need to fake it.


But Dio convinces Aoba of the kind of man he is, and they get it on together for some epic coupling.

PS — The excellent title is thanks to the fabulous chronolynx.

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