Kino no Tabi v2 — First Impressions

A kid goes on a journey with his talking motorcycle.

I attempted to watch the first version of this but couldn’t get first the past couple of episodes. It just… didn’t seem very intelligent? And this mainly bothered me because many people who recommended it kept telling me it was the smartest and most thoughtful series they had ever seen. It’s not.

Like in this episode… which delved into the positive aspects of vigilante mob justice… not sure what else to say.

I do like how everyone is a turd, including the main character.

Also, very well produced. Went a bit overboard on the lighting effects but looks good enough, good voice acting, excellent storyboarding.

I’ll keep watching this so I can troll the people who like it.

2 thoughts on “Kino no Tabi v2 — First Impressions

  1. your reason to watch this amuse me…hahahaha
    I like the idea…never seen the original…everybody kept talking about it…
    but…I watch this ones as to know at least what they are talking about…

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