Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ: By shedding many tears, the reality you face is… Review — B


I can’t believe and I am so happy we live in a world where Symphogear of all things is getting five seasons.

The fourth season did an excellent job in following up on the sheer ridiculousness of the previous ones. Just when you think it can’t get any dumber, Symphogear never disappoints.

Frog girl was best girl. Also Hibiki and Miku are sleeping together now.

Looking forward to season 5!

  • Storytelling – B – So dumb, it’s great.
  • Voice – A – Lol.
  • Characters – B – Simple but that’s fine! Great designs.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest.
  • Production – B – Looks good.
  • Overall – B

RecommendationsAKB0048, Mai Otome, Valvrave

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