Kore wa Zombie Desu ka 04

This episode was definitely an improvement over last week’s. In the beginning we start out with a Doberman knocking on the door instead of the pizza delivery man, who proceeds to cut apart Ayumu’s arm. When he sees Yuu he realizes it is a misunderstanding, and Ayumu follows him to the scene of the latest serial murder, where the Doberman dies protecting a zombie from something that wouldn’t have killed him. Ayumu gets stabbed anyway when the blade goes through the Doberman’s chest. Ayumu learns that Yuu has to suffer the same pain as him to revive him. A heartbreaking discussion ensues.

Well, whatever, they were going to put drama in somehow. At least they decided to do it in a ridiculous over the top way instead of trying to take this show seriously. The dog was quite funny. And the Yuu segment was redeemed by being followed by a completely random battle against a giant whale after Ayumu told Yuu he would protect her. Way to make him stick to his promises immediately!

The battle against the whale was great, as Ayumu’s magical girl costume powered up. The Trans-Am giant whale missile dodging was excellent, as were Sera’s delayed insult and Haruka’s warnings not to power up any further. Hopefully the show can maintain the pace of this episode and the first episode rather than becoming bogged down with fanservice.

No, Ayumu, don't do it! You can't become any cuter!

In other news, Level E has really picked up since the first episode! I didn’t find the first episode that interesting but they really made good use of it in the second and especially third episode. It goes to show that you can’t really judge much by just one episode.

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