Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? 07

In which Haruna gives a brief history of space and time, monsters are defeated with the power of ramen, and Ayumu gets married.

This show is definitely at its best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and the creators just have fun. That episode with the whale was far and away the best so far, and this episode went more in that same vein of random ridiculousness than the plot-oriented episodes from the past few weeks.

The highlight for me was the Tanabata section of the episode, particularly Haruna’s explanation. Her math lesson was pretty good too, as was the Eu fantasy, as usual. Yuki’s ramen is awesome too. I’m not entirely sold on Yuki as a character yet though, there’s way too much blushing. And she seems really similar to Haruna for some reason – they both have childish tendencies and both seem to be of the smart idiot type (compare: Yuki’s explanation of her ramen and Haruna’s explanation of math). On the positive side, this will probably lead to some interesting arguments. I wasn’t initially  sold on Sera either, and the creators managed to turn into an interesting character, so hopefully my fears are unfounded and Yuki will turn out to be more unique in the coming episodes..

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