Onii-chan no Koto… 07

In which the A.G.E. goes on a shopping trip, followed by the usual suspects.

This episode entertained me much more than it should have. Shuusuke, Nao and Iroha’s characters are really getting stale at this point. Shuusuke hasn’t done anything recently aside from stare at black pantyhose and look pathetic, and Nao and Iroha haven’t done anything except stalk Shuusuke together. It’s pretty unbelievable that he hasn’t noticed them, but even more, it’s just so old. Can’t they do something else? Why don’t they have some other form of interaction with Shuusuke except stalking him from a distance? And why do Iroha and Nao get along now in the first place?

With that aside, this epsiode really focused on the other members of the A.G.E., and in this aspect it was entertaining. The president in particular has been a consistently enjoyable character. His revelation about his history with the cat was especially funny, as were the club member’s insinuations about each other.

Still, this show really needs to figure out what it wants to do with Nao and Iroha. They do have a lot of potential as characters (especially Nao), and it’s tough to see them completely wasted and relegated as stalkers who make the same jokes over and over again, either enjoying Shuusuke’s patheticness or fondling themselves.

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