Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 08

This show’s episodes have really been hit or miss with me – about half, such as last week’s and the whale episode, were pretty funny, but the rest have been very disappointing. Unfortunately this week’s episode falls squarely in the miss category.

The main problem is that Yuki is not an interesting character. Over half of this episode involved watching her blush about becoming a “wife”. It wasn’t funny last episode and it’s even less funny now. And this episode didn’t make up for it by having her defeat monsters with ramen.

The rest of the episode, with Haruna being jealous, was certainly an improvement in terms of boredom over the earlier parts. It did seem out of character for Haruna though. Why is she suddenly admitting that she likes him now? Well, whatever.

Pretty much the only part of the episode that made me chuckle was when Ayumu was surprised to see Haruna wearing clothes, so this was definitely a low-point on the comedy front. Even Eu’s voiceover was disappointing this week. I probably would have laughed at the background images before they left the Mask Donald’s, but my brain was still waking up from the rest of that scene.

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