Onii-chan no Koto… 08

Hooray! It seemed to be increasingly unlikely, but we finally have an episode where Nao and Iroha do something other than stalk Shuusuke! It only took what, five episodes? With Nao able to do something other than slobber over her brother’s patheticness, the humor took a turn for the better.

Speaking of how pathetic Shuusuke is, I didn’t think it was possible, but he managed to outdo even himself at the beginning of this episode. Crying on his knees in front of a girl because of bad grades? If Nao were there she would have died from a nosebleed.

Nao and Iroha also ended their apparent truce this episode, which I still can’t figure out why they started. The dynamics of the entire show are much more interesting when they aren’t getting along. With Kondou in the mix it is even better. Her interests are becoming more and more unusual. It seems like Kondou is leaving, so Nao and Iroha will need to carry the show without her. This might end up being a good thing, as Nao is the most interesting character in my opinion and she’s been pushed to the side ever since Kondou’s appearance.

The jokes this episode were generally pretty good, but not great. None of the jokes really stood out, except for the AGE president’s cameo in Shuusuke’s dream and Kondou’s interest in men’s nipples. And the latter was more disturbing than funny.


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