Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 07 — A Villain Appears

Finally, a good episode! It didn’t make any sense, but that’s what makes this show great!

The fairy being the teacher… what? I don’t think anyone expected that.

But it was used to great effect despite being pulled out of nowhere. The classes’ reactions were great.

Poor Taeko. She should give up on him already. But… those legs!

The scene is even more hilarious because the “villain” this time around is half drunk, taking the credit for nefarious acts such as using all of Ayumu’s toilet paper. Haruna and Eu don’t even care that she’s draining their mana.

Ayumu is pretty much the only one who’s upset about this entire situation. He came across as the bad guy here, bullying a drunkard (although a very powerful and dangerous drunkard). If it comes down to a fight between the fairy and Dai-sensei, I’m going to have to favor the fairy. With what Dai-sensei’s been doing to Kyouko, I’d guess that she’s setting up to be the final boss.

Random Thoughts

Eu is even better in real life than in Ayumu’s fantasies.

Anderson continues to sparkle even when his chair becomes a rocket.


And Orito is a man among men, whose heart is unbreakable (except by arousal).

Administrative Note: I’m going to be away this weekend, so I won’t post on Fate/Zero or Space Bros until Monday. Not that I usually get to them before then anyway…

2 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 07 — A Villain Appears

  1. Godly episode. Heh, I loved how Fairy-sensei blamed her elevated gamma GGT levels on being an middle aged guy rather than her drinking. When you start vomiting up rainbow colored puke, it may be time to check in with AA.

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