Tsuritama 06 — Fishing for Dragons

Le’ts do a bit of speculation… although I have no clue what’s going on at this point.

I’m guessing from the mayor’s story and this statue that Yuki and Coco want Haru to catch a dragon. This dragon likely lives somewhere near the forbidden artificial reef. Perhaps he’s angry at the damage that humans have done to the sea and is joining Ika Musume’s invasion.

Also, either a) Haru isn’t as young as he seems, or b) Haru gets possessed by some creature, similar to how he possesses humans with the water gun. I’m leaning towards the latter theory, mainly because I don’t think Haru would break his promise not to use the water gun so easily a second time.

That triangle on Haru’s head also indicates some kind of possession.

He starts acting even crazier than he usually does, too.

Plus, some time lapse happened before Haru shot everyone with his gun. There were two time lapses, and there’s another force in play here.  I think it’ll be a while before we figure out exactly what happened.

At the end, Akira woke up before Yuki on the beach. So he at least has a bit more of an idea of what’s going on. Coco somehow showed up as well. Interesting.

Further Thoughts

These guys eat way too much curry. And Akira really loves fishing.

I didn’t get the mayor’s joke, can anyone explain?

This is reminding me of Queen’s Blade.

She is Coco she is loco.

4 thoughts on “Tsuritama 06 — Fishing for Dragons

  1. Re: Haru’s actions.

    I’m also inclined to believe possession. Haru activates the triangle above his head, which I don’t think indicates possession, but instead, an attempt to communicate with aliens like himself. A large magenta triangle appears above the water, an attempt at communication from whatever Haru has been searching for. This thing is much more powerful than Haru, and overcomes him quite easily; Haru’s triangle breaks, cutting off the attempt and allowing the stronger being in. It’s also after his triangle breaks that Haru’s eyes turn magenta as well and he starts shooting everyone with the water gun.

    The question in my mind now: is Haru himself, or is he still possessed?

    There are a few other quirks I noted on this episode, particularly on fashion of all things, but I’m going to perhaps save them for a full post. ^ ^

    1. I like the communication idea for the triangles. I’d guess that he’s no longer possessed, although that’s a possibility. You’d think Coco would be more alarmed if he was possessed though.

  2. I have some question I wanted to ask you for some time but I havent found any good timeto ask them. so since I have no idea where to put those questions ill simply ask them here:

    1. Did you watch angel beats? (if so than what do you think of them).
    2. Did you play the Chaos; Head visual novel (if so than what do you think of it).
    3. Do you visit tvtropes.org?

    Sorry for posting these questions in one of your reviews.

    1. 1. Yep. I liked it. Not my favorite show of all time, but it had a good sense of humor and I liked the whole story with Kanade.
      2. Nope. I watched the anime, started off decent but it turned out awful by the end.
      3. I try not to, it’s a giant time sink. But I do occasionally. 🙂

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