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Tsuritama 08 — Let’s Invade!

Great plan, Duck. Let’s send all our forces right over to the enemy who can brainwash them.

And of course, that’s what happens. A more terrible fate for humanity can hardly be imagined: doomed to a life of eternal dancing.


Akira learns everything about Haru and Coco by… surprise, surprise… asking them! I like how they built up all this mystery around Haru and Coco’s origins as if it were some big secret. But the only reason no one knows about their origins is that no one bothered to ask them. (also, Coco has the best poses)

In another wonderful anticlimax, the reason Yuki is needed to capture the alien is revealed to be simply that Haru and Coco don’t know how to fish. I love this show’s logic.

In addition, it turns out that Haru and Coco communicate through water. That means Haru wasn’t trying to control people, he was only trying to communicate. From the small snippets of flashbacks we saw, it looked like he only squirted the others because he was overwhelmed and panicked. Then he regained control and didn’t shoot Akira.

This appears to put the Bermuda syndrome in a different light as well. It isn’t actively evil, but is simply trying to communicate. I guess it wants to communicate the joy of dance?

Coco looks jealous that she doesn’t get to go fishing.

How does she swim underwater with her glasses on? They must be some highly advanced alien technology.

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