Tsuritama 12 — It’s Raining Fish

Well, that was a quirky ending, as befits a quirky show.

I was laughing for most of this ending. I think that was the intent but I’m not entirely sure, which of course makes it all the more entertaining. For example, take the scene where the director of Duck is trying to decide whether to fire the missiles. They are driving through the city which is about to be struck by a tsunami with most of the town brainlessly dancing through the streets. And what is the commander’s biggest concern? That they can’t rely on stoplights. This is so stupid I can only imagine it’s intentional, but it’s funny either way.

Next, we strangle Haru with a fishing line. Haru will be the bait for the monster. How exactly is this plan better than Haru’s original plan to run off and lure the fish away? If anything, Haru’s survival chances here seem lower. But whatever, Natsuki tying a noose around Haru’s throat was amusing, as was Yuki casting him over a boat.

No comment necessary.

In the end, the plan works, and Haru and friends return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

I can see the sequel now: The Prince of Fishing.

Damn it Japan. Every single time. Every single time! Can we ever have a tragic parting at the end of a show which doesn’t result in a transfer student the next day?

2 thoughts on “Tsuritama 12 — It’s Raining Fish

  1. We totally need an OVA or something to see all the fun Yuki and Haru have with Urara. :>

    I think the idea with Haru as a lure is that they end up catching JFX, rather than Haru swimming off to the middle of nowhere, where he eventually gets overpowered by the song and joins JFX’s horde.
    Okay, Haru as a human lure was pretty ridiculous, but DANG what a cast that was. Nothing short of epic. XD

    1. It may not have made much sense, but it was definitely epic! I wouldn’t mind an OVA about this either.

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