Tsuritama 11 — The Goddess and Her Companion

There is no Goddess but Goddess, and He is female and His name is Yuki.

I’m surprised this show’s going to be twelve episodes. I thought noitaminA shows were usually eleven. Not that I’m complaining, of course.

This episode had a great build up. Everyone is psyched and working together. It looks like they’re moments away from catching the fish with the power of friendship. And then… *snap*! The sacred lure breaks in two, and we end with a cliffhanger as Haru prepares to sacrifice himself to lead the fish away. Well done.

Also, I’m a bit surprised this side story got any resolution. If they remembered to tie up this, I have little doubt that the conclusion will leave no loose threads.

2 thoughts on “Tsuritama 11 — The Goddess and Her Companion

  1. Tsuritama has thankfully been very thorough about dealing with each of its established subplots (as well as its major character arcs, of course). I’ve been very pleased with the care that’s been put in this show’s script. Nothing has ever felt too rushed IMO, despite just how much the characters have changed since episode 1.

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