Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead 09 — The Expanding Universe

Good lord. What monstrosity is this? The underworld is truly a formidable place.

I failed to see any point to this episode whatsoever. We get just what this show didn’t need: a new character with even bigger breasts, a ditz who always falls asleep. Great.

Apparently she is the strongest in the underworld, the only one who can defeat Chris. Truly, the pen of the mangaka is mightier than the sword. Why do we even need to defeat Chris again…? Because she had some fun when she was drunk…? This whole story arc just feels like a way to kill time.

It turns out that this new character and Chris are friends even, and later that night they go eat dinner and get wasted / fall asleep together. Somehow I’m not feeling the tension here.

Other Wonderful Moments in this Episode

Apparently the underworld and the magical girls recently fought a war. It’s common knowledge. Who would have guessed?

Sarasvati… I get that she likes Ayumu (or his butt, at least). But I feel that she was going completely out of character in this episode. The worst thing they can do possibly do to her is transform her from a butt-worshiping dominatrix into a fawning lovesick girl. That appears to be exactly what they’re trying to do.

At least Haruna was amusing this episode. Ayumu sure has learned how to manage her. Now if only he could learn a countermeasure for Sera’s cooking…

6 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead 09 — The Expanding Universe

  1. Haruna is great! I love how hyper and crazy she can get at times also her reaction faces are the best, as for the new girl yeah its just the creators way to throw in another giant boob character to compete against Seraphim and Yuki? Yeah most of the others are average but you can just call it harem building 101! You have to have a few characters like her running around…hell even in Index there are several girls like that in Touma’s harem.

    Yeah it seems like earth is neutral ground for the underworld and magical girl worlds? Yeah I don’t see the real reason to beat Chris-chan at this point I mean she hasn’t done anything really bad right? I mean she didn’t exactly kill anyone like Kyoko did in season one? But I guess abusing magical powers might land you on the wanted list for others xD

    Well this series ends with episode 10 next week which really sucks…but I heard rumors of a 3rd season or a possible movie in the works? I have my fingers crossed for a movie instead of a 3rd season of Zombie! Even thou I would watch either project due to being a hardcore fan.

    1. I’d prefer a movie, if they do that they’re kind of obligated to have some sort of self-contained story. I’m a fan of the series too, but they just wasted so much time doing nothing in this season.

  2. Don’t they need to beat Chris to get back Haruna’s magic without which she can’t be a masou shoujo and to a lesser extent, Yu’s magic?

    As for Sarasvati, I completely agree she went really out of character this episode, it was awkward more than romantic. Also, since when did Ayumu care so much?

    Kore wa has always had issues with story and character but I guess the humour makes up for it. I must admit I can’t help but watch it.

    1. Haruna hasn’t been a magical girl since the first episode, so I don’t see this as the most pressing concern. But, whatever.

      Ayumu and Sarasvati were both weird. I can’t help but watch it either though. They get you to like the characters and the quirky sense of humor in the first season, then milk it for all it’s worth.

  3. I feel like the whole series is just a way to kill time, but in a good way. There hasn’t been an arc I haven’t enjoyed yet, which is why I’m still following Kore wa Zombie.

    1. Each arc has *just* enough to like to keep me going, but the humor is starting to lose its touch for me…

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