Space Bros 09 — Very Little Happens

So Mutta is a great character, and he can be hilarious at times. But really, at this point I’m starting to get bored. It’s already been nine episodes and Mutta still isn’t close to finishing the exam. The characters are great and so is the humor, but that alone isn’t going to carry the show.

When are they going to do something with the characters? There’s no conflict, and that is making me lose my interest in Space Brothers.

Take this episode as an example. The nominal conflicts are: 1) Hibito wrote a will, 2) Mutta hits on girls, and 3) random people blame Mutta’s success on his brother. The first problem is basically just Hibito going through a short bout of depression. The second hardly even qualifies as a conflict. As for the third, who even a cares about these two guys who haven’t been given names? I care about and genuinely like the characters, but I can’t find any reason to care about what they were doing in this episode.

Further Thoughts

Why are they holding a party with everyone for the people who passed? That seems like a recipe for audacious levels of awkwardness.

The astronaut waves from the Cupola, which is a module on the ISS. They also mentioned that Serika wants to do experiments in Kibo, which is another module on the ISS, built by Japan.

Mutta still has his moments when he’s hilarious, like when he started eating this guy’s food on the plane.

6 thoughts on “Space Bros 09 — Very Little Happens

  1. I guess this “other” adaptation of an award-winning manga is taking the complete opposite approach of Sakamichi No Apollon.

    1. Seems like it. Sakamichi’s condensing everything into 11 episodes, this one’s drawing it out into 52.

        1. Really? I’ve heard it was 52 or 48 or something around that. I can’t imagine they could wrap things up in three more episodes, at the rate they’re going.

  2. I’m actually still enjoying Space Brothers. Mutta’s struggles in life seem so relatable to me even though I’m no where near being an astronaut. I feel like it’s one of those series that’s targeted at people who have or are struggling with adult life.

    1. It is relatable, and I do love Mutta. I just don’t have the patience to spend over ten episodes gushing over how much I like Mutta…

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