Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead 10 — It’s Over?

So… that’s it? Apparently this season is only ten episodes.

The ending itself was weird, to say the least. But I guess that weirdness is the best part of this show.

It was all over the place. We start out with Haruna surfing on perverted slime that eats clothes.

Then we take a journey into Ayumu’s mind to rescue his lost memories after Dai-sensei erases his memories. This seems at first glance like a recipe for disaster. “At the last minute, we’ll introduce some dramatic conflict so that people will think back on this show and imagine that it had some point,” I imagine the creators thinking.

Fortunately, they did retain some self consciousness and realized the ridiculousness of this last minute struggle.

When the girls do confront Ayumu’s self conscious, it’s an army of lustful bishies. Everyone is horrified by Ayumu’s hidden nature, including Ayumu himself.

Even when it gets down to the very end and everyone is spouting corny line after corny line, at least the show never takes itself too seriously. So, although they introduced a pointless dramatic pseudo-conflict for the ending, the show retained its sense of humor and narrowly avoided a complete disaster.

And hey, we got to see Eu transform into a magical girl and chop Ayumu up. It’s not all bad.

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