Kotoura-san Review — C+


Kotoura is an esper that can read people’s minds. Her mother disowns her, but she eventually starts to make friends at school despite difficulties stemming from her ability.

Kotoura-san was a poignant, heart-breaking series. Too bad it only lasted for three episodes.

The latter episodes were standard harem fare, with the mildly innovative inclusions of mind-reading and a detective case. These were decent episodes, but nothing remarkable. Since we finally got back to the topic of the first episodes at the very end, it felt to me like episodes four through eleven were designed mainly to take up time. I feel like this could have worked much better as an OVA.


The main meat of the story, however, was excellent. It’s strange how this was mashed with a bunch of harem episodes into a single show.

  • Storytelling – B – Great in the beginning, pretty bad in the middle wen it becomes your standard harem.
  • Voice – B – They have quite a distinctive art style…
  • Characters – C – Let’s face it, the characters are pretty bad. Especially the guys. One is a pervert and the other is a nerd. The girls are a bit better.
  • Attention Grab – B – Even the harem parts were well-paced and earned my attention.
  • Production – D – The art style may be distinctive, but that doesn’t mean I like it.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Welcome to the NHK, Kokoro Connect

6 thoughts on “Kotoura-san Review — C+

  1. Ended in the first episode, really. It felt like they tacked on the drama in the latter episodes just to remind the audience to pity Kotoura more while sticking in more jokes. The first and last episode were pretty good. Everything in the middle was ehhhh.

    1. It was good up until they put the sign that said the show was over, I thought it was in the third or fourth episode but maybe I’m forgetting something. It was almost worth having the show end at the second episode just for that sign… 🙂

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