Boku wa Tomodocahi ga Sukunai NEXT Review — B-


The Neighbors Club continues to fail at trying to make friends without realizing they’ve already succeeded.

This is a continuation of the first season, and is more of the same. Basically a harem show with a bunch of anti-social people. The big twist is that the two main girls are complete assholes.


I liked this season a bit more than the first one, mainly because Rika got so much screentime. Rika is by far the best girl in this show— there is no comparison. Why Kodaka is even considering Sena or Yozora is completely beyond me.

From what I remember, this season also had less of an emphasis on the fanservice than the first season, which helped a lot. Sena’s enormous lumps of fat did not inspire my enjoyment of the show.

Also I hate the way this show draws lips (I sincerely hope this does not become a trend, but more shows seem to be imitating this style…) but I have gotten used to it now, sadly.

  • Storytelling – B – Felt more focused than the first season. It didn’t make me laugh much though.
  • Voice – C – Fairly similar to other harem stories, with the difference being everyone’s a jerk.
  • Characters – B – Rika A, Sena C, main guy D, Yozora D. I was originally in the Yozora camp, at least over the Sena camp but not the Rika one, but she was really useless this season. Who cares about the stupid childhood friend thing.
  • Attention Grab – B – I mostly paid attention.
  • Production – C – Hate the lips.
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – Kokoro Connect, Chuunibyou, Haruhi

13 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodocahi ga Sukunai NEXT Review — B-

  1. I can’t disagree more on the matter of seasons superiority. First season was really good comedy with harem in the background. Next on the other hand went full harem wars, destroyed all that was good about Yozora and focused on girls sulking over lack of reactions to their feeling from Kodaka’s side pushing comedy in the background. To complete this we were given bizarre ending which feels like something from completely different show. IMO it was nearly as big fall in quality as between first and second season of BakaTesto.

    1. It was definitely a big difference. And it did destroy everything about Yozora’s personality.

      I think the difference in our opinion stems from the fact that I didn’t find the first season’s comedy all that funny.

      I actually liked the ending, at least the part with Rika. The part after that with Yozora was pretty bizarre though.

      1. I don’t really think that ending was bad. It was just completely out of place. I heard that it was anime original so maybe that’s the reason.

        But for me part with Yozora was more normal. She saw and heard them and their words hit her hard. Unable to face present she escaped. No attacking with metal balls, no being meta. Just normal thing which happen rather often in anime.

        1. It wasn’t anime original, that ending was in the second connect novel if i am not mistaken. personally, I didnt find that ending bizarre; Yozora feels like she has lost everything that was important to her. I dont think that scene was meant to be taken as seriously as Yozora made it seem; she’s just being childish and difficult, which is why the club members didnt even seem that shocked and worried about her text. They’re just like “sigh, looks like we got to go talk some sense into our troublesome president”. So yeah, no qualms about that ending here.

        2. That’s true. Yozora’s actions were pretty normal. I do think it was unusual to end a series with someone running away though.

    1. Oh yeah? MMY is shit. A big pile of it. I am about to give it lower score than SAO. But stopped at the same score of 3/10 anyway. Dunno about NEXT getting B- though, but I admit that Rika is pretty awesome character.

      1. I may have rated Haganai a bit high. I rated the first season a C+ (in retrospect, this was probably higher than it deserved) and then I felt obligated to give this one something higher. I have no regrets for giving Maoyuu Yuusha an F though.

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