Koukaku no Pandora Review — C


An android gains superpowers by fingering the vagina of her pet loli nekomimi meido robot girlfriend.

I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s stupid, but it goes all in with the stupid and doesn’t try to hide it. It’s very frank and downright cheerful. The only really lolicon thing about it is the disturbing transformation sequence, which seems to turn most people off. It has one of the most unique visual and storytelling styles I’ve seen in a long time. I particularly enjoy that thing where they make the characters turn white with funny faces.


It has a pretty decent sense of humor too. The ending twist was especially good. And there are a bunch of good ongoing jokes, like the idol reporter who keeps getting the crap beat out of her, or the mad scientist’s underlings who keep getting screwed over.

It’s a really weird show but I appreciate how it tries to do something different. But… yeah… prooobably could have done without the transformation scene.

  • Storytelling – C – Haphazard and somewhat directionless, but that’s part of the style. Also some good humor.
  • Voice – A – Quite distinctive feeling, unique animation style.
  • Characters – D – Meh, definitely the weakest part of the show. They’re weird, but there’s not much to them.
  • Attention Grab – B – LKept my attention throughout. Lots of variety.
  • Production – B – I liked the animation style quite a bit.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou, YuruYuri

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  1. Agreed with this review, in terms of what it said anyway. I had a lot of fun with this show. It’s probably my guilty pleasure show of the season (Active Raid kind of is as well, but I seem to be in the minority with that one). Not exactly timeless by any means, but I still thought it was good. The fingering shit though, yeah. (I got used to it, but I’ll admit that it’s pretty awkward, though the show usually portrays it that way (at least from what I remember))

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