Kyoukai no Konata — First Impressions



A clumsy ninja girl follows a boy around and stabs him to death repeatedly. Fortunately he’s immortal.

It’s definitely beautifully animated. But I can’t help but feel that the source material may not be particularly inspired. It seems to be a pretty standard harem setup. I mean, we start off the show with this:



This does not inspire confidence. Even worse, here’s one of the first lines of the show:



What is this, an essay written by a middle schooler?!! To be fair I found this funny more than anything. Hopefully they weren’t completely serious with that line…

Although the setup doesn’t feel particularly inspired, I can’t help but keep the faith. This is Kyoani after all. I remember having low expectations after the first episode of Hyouka as well.

They did still manage to present things in a manner that kept my interest. The characters seem to have some spark to them as well. We’ll see how things go.

9 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Konata — First Impressions

  1. Whoooaa been a while since I commented…

    I loved this first episode because damn Kyoto Animation is doing an action series!? ABOUT DAMN TIME and certain parts reminded me of Bleach and yes blood powers are cool but Deadman Wonderland had them too xD

    I look forward to more from this series~

    1. “…certain parts reminded me of Bleach…”

      And that alone puts me off more than anything written in the actual post.

    2. Yes. They need to branch out more from cute girls being happy. When they do a lot of motion like Nichijou it’s glorious.

  2. I thought this first ep was off to a good start; i had my certain problems with it but i thought the it was a well-done first ep and a sign of good things to come. In regards to the opening dialogue of the show, it more has to do with the main character’s very cynical and trite outlook on life; it’s as you speculated, that opening dialogue wasnt meant to be taken seriously; it’s more of a reflection of his character.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering if that was the case. It’s such a terrible and yet common way to start an essay that I suspected it must have been intentional.

  3. I liked how the introduction presented Akihito as your average main character only for the series to reveal that he is an immortal and thus far from average. Same thing with the suicidal meganekko who out of nowhere stabs him w/ a sword. Did she really intend to jump from that roof?
    I’m not that much into glasses girls, though, and I find Mirai’s personality also somewhat annoying, being that shy and persistent at the same time. I hope Mitsuki, the other girl, will get more screentime later on. Too bad it’s just a one cour show!

    1. Yep, stabbing him out of nowhere was a great start to the story haha. I personally love glasses girls, but yeah, Mirai is still pretty annoying. Mitsuki is way better (and even better than that with glasses).

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