Coppelion — First Impressions



Well, the backgrounds sure are pretty. And I have to give it points for the post-apocalyptic setup.


But… all that is ruined because the main characters are a bunch of genki schoolgirls.

Why, Japan, why? Why does everything need to be done by stupid schoolgirls? And I do not exaggerate when I say these girls are stupid. Despite supposedly having been trained by the military since birth, they know nothing about the world they live in. They make a series of poor decisions, seemingly on whims, apparently leading to the death of their friend. Why would anyone trust these girls to go outside on their own, much less to cross a post-apocalyptic wasteland serving as EMTs? My main reaction to this episode was wanting to punch all of them in the face.

The animation style of the characters is a bit jarring in contrast to the backgrounds. By the end of the episode I got used to it, or at least learned to tolerate it. Sort of reminds me of K in regards to the animation.

7 thoughts on “Coppelion — First Impressions

  1. I agree the fact that they weren’t really a part of the background was really jarring to me. Also stupid girls are stupid

  2. I’ve only seen ep. 1 so far but the show is one of my favourites this season.I’m surprised you don’t like it. The post-apocalyptic setting imo more than makes up for the girls. Hey, they may have some training but they are still just kids!
    The girls look nice (the legs, in particular) and I don’t mind the animation style at all. Ok, it looks like anime characters moving in front of background photos. But this is fine for me, as long as the characters look good. I disliked “K” visually for the obnoxious lens flares and the constant colour filters. These are absent here.

    One detail I liked was the design of the gas mask of the guy they find in the no-go area. It looked kinda retro and actually reminded me of the Argentum pilots’ masks in Simoun.

    1. As you probably know, I don’t like shows with cute girls doing nothing as much as you do. 😛

      The post-apocalyptic setting is actually is my biggest problem with it. Because it makes no sense. These girls are trained from birth by the military, and yet have no bloody clue what they’re doing. They see a B-2 bomber and think it’s a crow. I mean… come on… Then they say things like, “Science is my mother.”

      It does look pretty though. The gas masks do look like Simoun.

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