La storia della Arcana Famiglia — First Impression

Let’s start with the first scene. Some guy with a sword is buy fending off at least twenty smugglers. A single car shows up, two men in suits jump in and they drive off. All the smugglers have now escaped. So we have a gaping plot hole in the first minute.

Not that plot holes matter since no one but teenage girls would want to watch this regardless. The story centers around a young princess with a horde of enamored young bishounen who follow her. Her father is hosting a fighting tournament to decide his heir and her future husband. She does not like this plan.

Everyone in the family possesses the power of an arcana card. And yes, it is as lame as it sounds. Someone was playing way too much Persona. If they had something like Sephirot or aeon powers I would be all over this shit, but no. Tarot. The princess is the “Lovers” card, and can detect when anyone thinks lustful thoughts. She then proceeds to kick them in the head.

Which brings me to this show’s sole good point: those legs. Anyone who wants her to wear a dress is a moron. Which apparently includes over half of this show’s characters.

Of course, the legs do not make up for the facts that the premise is insipid and all of the characters are soulless pretty boys. Dropped unless I have a lot of free time (don’t worry about me, I won’t).

7 thoughts on “La storia della Arcana Famiglia — First Impression

  1. I think this still has the potential to be good if it focuses more on the tournament aspects as opposed to the other stuff…but from the episode preview, that doesn’t seem likely.

    1. I hate tournaments, so I don’t see this turning out well either way myself. I actually think I’d prefer generic reverse harem hijinks to a tournament.

  2. Agreed on everything – most likely I’ll drop this show. Princess, legs and kicks remind me a bit of Triela in Gunslinger Girl ep. 4.

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