Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 18 — Cry and Get Your Way

Apparently this episode aired last week, but somehow I completely missed it. I’m not entirely sure what episode number this should be either, but two weeks ago was seventeen so… I’m so confused.

Anyway, I didn’t miss much, with this as the high point of the episode.

Good grief. All the world’s problems can be solved by crying and saying that everyone should get along. And now Fam is a hero.

Thank goodness this didn’t actually work out. Although I wish Fam had died to save the world instead. Then Dian could despair, gather the Exile and destroy the world.

The Old Guy

I have to say, I’ve come to genuinely like this guy. Old people in anime tend to either be impotent or master sages disconnected from the trivialities of the world. But he’s still actually in the army along with everyone else, and still going strong. He’s just a bit wiser and calmer than his peers.

The way he was about to tell Fam about her parents before she stepped on his foot was a bit questionable, but whatever. At the moment, out of all the characters, he’s one of only two characters who I really care and want to end up happy. I never thought I’d say that a couple episodes ago.


The other character I care about, unsurprisingly, is Millia. And I have to say, these revolutionaries are bloody idiots. Why are they asking her to kill her sister? Kill her yourselves you bastards. She’s a little girl. You’re in the army. Besides, do you really think a queen with blood on her hands is going to go over well with her people? You need to set up someone else to be the fall guy. Which, I suppose, is how things ended up turning out.

Of course, I’m not particularly sad to see Millia’s sister go. She apparently has some reason she did everything, connected with her knowledge from the Exile, but she sure didn’t treat her sister well.

Poor Millia. She needs Teddy to cheer her up. WHERE ARE YOU TEDDY?!!

I mean, seeing Fam sure won’t cheer anyone up. I guess Giselle can cancel her out.

One final thought: the scenery porn continues to be spectacular.

7 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 18 — Cry and Get Your Way

  1. I’m a bit disappointed that we did not get a more detailed account of Lilliana’s reasons for betraying Millia and her people. I’d assume that it was a hard decision. Instead, we just see her (in ep. 19 actually) being convinced by Luscinia with a few words. Lilliana could have been a complex and tragic character but as things are I can’t really sympathise with her. I do not understand either why control of an exile is such a burden, as Millia suggests in the end. Alvis controls one, as well, and she seems to be happy and doesn’t walk around committing genocide.

    As you see, I wasn’t overly sad either when Lilliana was shot. In fact, I felt sorry for Dian. She’s really cute for her age and I had wished her success with killing Luscinia (maybe she still will?). The Glacians imo deserve to take some revenge. How I despise Luscinia and his creepy brother!

    I found the girls’ dresses at the ball rather dull and generic. The creators could have made a lot more out of this opportunity. Millia was cute, though, when she became angry during the conference!

    1. I’m guessing that commanding that particular Exile allows them to know something about the planet which no one else does. Regardless, I completely agree about Lilliana: she could have been complex and interesting, but instead she comes across as just wanting to get inside Luscinia’s pants.

      I sympathize with Dian as well. She killed a woman who had committed genocide. It may have been vigilante justice, but hey, it was probably the only option.

  2. I guess you forgot the little talk of Orang and Millia in your pictures :p i think they make a good couple lol hahaha

      1. Hmm… yeah i think i heard in the previous ep that magnolia said that they make a good pair i think the producers tried to hint some romance here but ultimately failed an orang x millia pairing might actually work LOL. if there could be a season of LE focusing on peaceful days perhaps these two can be a funny subject in terms of romance hahaha can’t imagine awkward scenes between them orang is quite a stiff guy hahah unlike his buddy sorush i think he doesn’t handle women well.

        1. It would definitely be entertaining, I’m not sure if it would work only because of their ages though. He’s got to be twice her age. If she were ten years older / he were ten years younger they would go great together though.

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