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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Review — B

The sky pirates join in a world war.

The part I liked most about Last Exile was the setting: a fantastic steampunk world, with lovingly detailed places and ships. Its sequel ups the ante with an amazing array of vivid details, including foods, costumes, and cultures (and even hints at yuri!). The scenery is more detailed and lush. The world feels even bigger than that of the original Last Exile, and the show is truly international in scope.  Continue reading

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 20 + 21 — Happily Ever After

So, apparently I completely missed an episode. Sorry about that. I’ll discuss the final two episodes at once instead.

Overall, it was a good finale. The battle was particularly excellent, especially before they got inside the Exile. The arrival of the reinforcements was especially well executed.

Fam’s extended monologue was painful, but that’s expected. Really, I only have one big complaint. Continue reading

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing 19 — War. War! What is it Good For?

As Robert Jackson, chief prosecutor for the US, said of Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg trials:

The central crime in this pattern of crimes, the kingpin which holds them all together, is the plot for aggressive wars.

I really can’t see Luscinia and Lilliana’s side of this at all, although it seems like the creators are trying to make this seem morally ambiguous. How can starting all these wars and wiping an entire nation off the face of the earth possibly be justified? Continue reading

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 18 — Cry and Get Your Way

Apparently this episode aired last week, but somehow I completely missed it. I’m not entirely sure what episode number this should be either, but two weeks ago was seventeen so… I’m so confused.

Anyway, I didn’t miss much, with this as the high point of the episode.

Good grief. All the world’s problems can be solved by crying and saying that everyone should get along. And now Fam is a hero. Continue reading