Log Horizon 2 — First Impressions


Further glasses adjustment.


I have a love / hate relationship with Log Horizon. I really want to like it. I really do. There’s so much that it gets right. It has a unique world, and it’s one of the rare shows that focuses on politicking and negotiation over fighting monsters.

I really want to like this part of the show, but the fact is, the way they portray the negotiation can get boring. They’re sitting across the table adjusting their glasses most of the time. And even worse is the time they spend with their friends, which is even more dull. They’re way too polite to each other.

It’s not like the politicking has to or should be boring. Look at Hanzawa Naoki. That’s all politicking, and it was one of the most engrossing shows I’ve watched in years. Log Horizon would be a much better show if they could cut out the cruft, especially the unnecessary dialogue, and potentially halve the episode count.

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