Love Lab — First Impressions


Wow, Love Lab is adorable. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was possibly the best chemistry between two characters I’ve seen in years. I don’t know how it would even be possible to not ship these two.


The comedy is spot on as well, again building off their chemistry. My only concern is what the show is going to do next. It looks like we’re going to quickly introduce more characters to get to the usual four or five girl formula. Hopefully the new characters will fit in well with the existing ones. There’s also the concern that the show will stick to the same dating advice joke formula and that that may grow old.

However, I’m quite optimistic that this will turn out just fine.

4 thoughts on “Love Lab — First Impressions

  1. I like the red haired girl who everyone thinks is so experienced. But I also think the jokes will be getting tiresome soon. Plus I don’t like the green uniform. So most likely I won’t follow this one.

    1. I’ve watched to episode four now, and it isn’t getting old at all yet. The new characters really add a lot of variety to the show.

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