Love Live! School Idol Project — First Impression

The school is closing. The only way to stop it is to become idols.


This was one of the best shows so far this season. Although that says more about the rest of this season than Love Live!

I don’t like idols. I don’t understand their appeal at all. What do idols even do aside from lip-synch to terrible music?

I’ll probably drop this, but who knows considering there’s hardly anything new to watch this season. Maybe I should finish Idolmaster instead, that was better than this.

9 thoughts on “Love Live! School Idol Project — First Impression

  1. Same as Shinmaru! I dunno Idol shows are entertaining long as it is not WAAHHHH DRAAMAA WAAHHH and this one feels more like the Idolm@ster, but also it feels like a Tari Tari clone…

    1. Hmm… now that I think about it, you’re right Fosh, it does feel like a Tari Tari clone. In that case, my reasoning in giving this show a few more episodes is quite redundant now XD Most likely drop this during episode 2.

    2. Good point, the only thing that makes me think it’s more like the idolm@ster is all the dancing in the OP, but come to think of it, that part reminds me more of AKB0048

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