Lupin III — First Impression

I’ve never seen a Lupin show before, so I had no idea what to expect. But I liked it.

Ok, so the story isn’t much. Lupin’s a thief and he steals stuff while announcing it beforehand. He’s an amusing character, but simplistic. The female lead is a seductress. Even worse.

But damn, this show just oozes style. I think they’ve outshafted SHAFT in SHAFTiness. It makes me feel nostalgic, and I haven’t even watched the original to feel nostalgic about!

The action is tense and engaging as well. Lupin pulls ridiculous stunts like surfing on a giant rocket-propelled statue. He has quite the sense of humor as well, what with playing a ghost after being executed!

I’ll stick with this, but I’m not going to blog it.

11 thoughts on “Lupin III — First Impression

  1. It’ll be tough to out-style this one this year.
    I’ve only seen three separate Lupin installments, but the characters, while very simple, are extremely likable and entertaining to watch.

    I’ll be blogging this one~

  2. It felt like I was watching a relic. I know, I know — Lupin III has old roots, but still… the oversexualized femme fatales, the crass depictions of foreigners, etc. I’m not blogging it either if only because the anime is a cultural dinosaur.

    1. Yes, definitely a relic. Still, it makes it a bit more interesting for me to watch in the way that reading newspapers from the nineteenth century is interesting.

    1. I’m sorry. 🙁 Much of it was fairly predictable, but I’m not bored yet. If they have the same formula every time though I likely will be.

  3. I was sold. I want to hope for more good things from it than just style. The nostalgic feeling comes from the animation that reminds of old French animation and the music tunes follow the same guide line as well. That’s my guess at least.

  4. I can’t quite relate to the characters yet but I fully agree regarding the style (and the BGM) and it was entertaining! What I liked most was the female character’s indignant: “Hah?!” For some reason I just love this protesting “Hah?!” from selfish female characters with a deeper voice; if I remember correctly, Yozora from Haganai e.g. had the same habit.

    1. Right, Yozora did have the habit of “hah”ing everything. It doesn’t really make me excited, but I can see where you’re coming from.

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